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The 77-year-old said that the 37-year-old does not understand “most of my references” as she addressed their age gap. “The Young and the Restless” star Christian LeBlanc revealed that he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in June but he is now in remission. He said that fans had noticed an early symptom of the disease. Now, in time for Halloween, there’s a candy cornucopia of new horror fare at your fingertips. Encouraging illegally pirated content by suggestion, instruction, and/or direct links.

Read on for the 13 best new horror films to stream and where to find them. The giant animatronic animal figures at a family pizza restaurant come to murderous life in Blumhouse’s horror film, whose cast also includes Mary Stuart Masterson and Matthew Lillard. Filter by genre, release year, or streaming service. A woman is cornered by an unknown sniper inside a remote gas station in the middle of the night in the latest from Franck Khalfoun (“P2,” “Maniac”).

If your username is the same as the website or YT channel you’re trying to promote – you will be banned and your website blacklisted. Sharing Letterboxd accounts is not allowed either. Our Official Discussion threads are never archived, and always active. October 13, 2023 • A writer stands accused of killing her husband in this film, which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. But as Anatomy of a Fall persuasively suggests, every marriage is a mystery. October 13, 2023 • Writers, directors and other Hollywood union members demand the studios and streamers come back to the bargaining table with performers.

Natasha Kermani’s VR-gone wrong “TKNOGD” and Scott Derrickson‘s gruesome serial-killer short round out the affair, even as plodding pacing and a lack of cohesion too often make this sequel more chore than delight. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Horror filmmakers, icons and experts name the most underappreciated horror films of all time.

October 19, 2023 • Growing up, Lee recognized herself in the “really big, muscular performances” of Kilmer and Nicolas Cage. In Past Lives, she plays an immigrant torn between two men she loves. Ethan Hawke also stars in the AFI Fest opener, based on the best-selling suspense novel by Rumaan Alam.

Maybe there’s a reason no one seems to want to talk to her, or give her a hand when telekinetic aliens keep trying to invade her house at night, forcing her to fight for her life. Writer-director Brian Duffield’s “No One Will Save You” dares to veer from the well-trod paths of the alien-abduction subgenre while engineering smashing set pieces, even if a mostly dialogue-free gimmick means a lot of heavy sighing by the tenacious Dever. It’s also one of the only science-fiction-horror films (among a glut of slashers and supernatural scares) this year, and earned endorsements from Guillermo del Toro and Stephen King. Another “V/H/S” (six feature-length entries have been unleashed since the horror anthology franchise debuted in 2012), another stab at mining the found-footage genre for new angles.

Get recommendations on the best TV shows and films to stream and watch. A roundup of the latest reviews, releases and more. Every Friday, stay on top of Critics’ Picks, blockbusters and independent films. Daniel Radcliffe is reconnecting with his “Harry Potter” stunt double, David Holmes, for a new documentary. Holmes is paralyzed from the chest down after injury on movie set. Cher is speaking out about her romance with boyfriend Alexander “A.E.” Edwards.

Single images or albums of behind the scene of already released movies are prohibited, as are memes, “movies I like/recommend” and infographics. This also applies to any complaints of controversial subjects such as woke/SJW issues. Complaining about virtue signaling or dogwhistling is one thing, but complaining about minorities or women being included in a movie is against the rules. October 15, 2023 • The actor, who played likeable “dumb blonde” Chrissy Snow on the 70s sitcom, had breast cancer for more than 20 years. October 17, 2023 • Sometimes there’s a time and place for a long movie — whether it’s because you’ve got an afternoon off, or you just aren’t in the mood to flip from one entertainment to another. Martin Scorsese’s latest movie Killers of the Flower Moon clocks in at over three hours, so today we’re recommending other great movies over three hours long.

October 14, 2023 • She received Academy Award nominations for the 1961 poolroom drama The Hustler, the horror classic Carrie in 1976, and the romantic drama Children of a Lesser God in 1986. October 18, 2023 • In the complex and compelling French film Anatomy of a Fall, a husband is dead and his wife is the chief suspect. The investigation and trial expose the many rifts in their marriage, as the couple’s young son yearns to understand what happened and why. Directed by Justine Triet and starring Sandra Hüller, the film won the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

October 19, 2023 • Martin Scorsese’s film, based on David Grann’s book, tells the true story of white men in the 1920s who married into and systematically murdered Osage families to gain claims to their oil-rich land. Discover the top, most popular available now! Across theaters, streaming, and on-demand, these are the movies Rotten Tomatoes users are checking out at this very moment, including Killers of the Flower Moon (see Martin Scorsese movies ranked), Old Dads, and The Burial. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s new relationship fills the blank space that the NFL needs to recover from the alleged curse when Hollywood stars date football players. Richard Roundtree, the star of “Shaft,” has died at 81. Roundtree was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993 and had a double mastectomy at the time.

But as other genres lose their power, scary films have become a much-needed hotbed of creativity and commercial power. October 20, 2023 • The compelling new film Killers of the Flower Moon is a sweeping three-and-half-hour-long crime saga, romance and Western. Directed by Martin Scorsese, it’s told through the lens of a marriage in 1920s Oklahoma.

Produced by Khalfoun’s sometimes collaborator Alexandre Aja, this English-language remake of David R.L.’s “Night of the Rat” (2015) works best when Alice starts raiding the shelves for convenience products to MacGyver into tools of survival. Watch it as a genre exercise in single-location horror. Anything that isn’t official, hard-lined news about comic book movies/Superhero movies will be removed. September 19, 2023 • With Hollywood on strike for most of the summer, we check in on the new releases for the fall. Our critics share their recommendations for more than 25 films coming out between now and Thanksgiving.

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Mike Flanagan’s gothic “The Fall of the House of Usher” (Netflix), R.L. Stine adaptation “Goosebumps” (Disney+ and Hulu) and “Living for the Dead” (Hulu), in which queer ghost hunters visit haunted places for narrator-producer Kristen Stewart, are among a new crop of horror and thriller series. This rule also applies if there is an official discussion of the same movie stickied on the front page.